Premier Hajj 2016 feedback amazing!

“Asalamu alaykum Abu Khadeejah, i would like to thank you on behalf of my family who travelled to Hajj with you. They benefited greatly. Barakallaahu feekum. Allaah protect you.”

Ibraheem Shahzad, Sept 2016.


“The Messenger of Allah said – عليه الصلاة و السلام- “Whoever does not thank the people then he has not thanked Allah” Jazakumullahu khayran premier hajj and all the hujjaj.”

Hamzah. Hajj 2016.


“Just want to say thank you to all the premier group new hajis for being there for each other and staying united together in this wonderful journey. Inshallah we shall stay united, Ameen”

Javed Akhtar. Hajj 2016


“Thank you premier hajj for everything. Grateful to everyone who helped me through my hajj, won’t ever forget it. Thank you once again. May Allah bless you all.”

Muhammad. Hajj 2016.


“Asalaamu alaikum. Made it back to Barbados! May Allah reward us all and reward premier hajj for their service!”

Kareem. Hajj 2016.


“Alhamdulillah for everything. May Allah accept all our Duas, and allow Premier Hajj to carry on their good work and reward them all. Best experience of my life with the best set of people as well. Alhamdulillah.”

M. Sway. Hajj 2016.


“Thank you premer hajj!

May Allah reward you for your efforts, hard work and your patience in dealing with our questions and queries.”

Husband and wife. Hajj 2016.


“Assalamu Alaikum

I miss all of you Ikhwan!

May Allaah unite us all always with Khair Ameen.

Have a safe journey.

Please don’t forget me when you make your Duaa for Khair.

Hayakom Allaah.

May Allaah reward Abu Khadeejah, Abu Hakeem, the coaches and all of you for taking care of this Hajj.

الحمدلله، ربنا تقبل منا إنك انت السميع العليم”

M. Mursi. Hajj 2016.


“As salaamu alaykum. Abu Khadeejah. Just wanted to thank you for a very nice trip. Beautiful reminders.”

My sister and brother in law were very happy with the the recent hajj trip alhamdu lillaah.”

Nouman and family. Hajj 2016.


“Brothers, I wanted to thank you all for making this journey of Hajj a blessed trip for me and my family, Barak Allah Feekum.

I think the hadith is: you don’t actually know a brother until you have done business or travelled with them, and after the way you all looked after my parents and looked after us as a group I can say I have found five genuine brothers Alhamdulilah! I had a perception of what I thought travelling with you all would be in a positive way but you exceeded my expectations and May Allah bless you all. Ameen. My parents are so happy with you all. 

In’shaa’Allah I hope I can attend Hajj with you all again next year, if not in the coming years ahead Ameen. Not sure how else to communicate my gratitude over whatsapp but may Allah bless you all. Ameen. Keep in touch. جزاك الله خيراً”

Shehzan and family. Hajj 2016.

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