11th February 2014

Umrah and Conference in Madinah For English Speakers

  2015                     This year Premier Hajj and Umrah present to you, dear reader, another conference in […]
2nd July 2013

After the Umrah

Hajj 2012: After the Umrah, which took about three hours due to the crowds, we all found our way back to the apartments in Aziziah. We […]
2nd July 2013

Premier Family Arrives in Jeddah & Mecca

Once the flights arrived in Jeddah, then everyone has to endure the customary waiting whilst the Saudi Arabian Hajj agents and staff (who are actually very […]
2nd July 2013

Hajj 2013 Premier Preparations

Preparations for Hajj 2012 began in ernest. Alhamdulillaah our team of experts and organisers was prepared and assembled for the task ahead. Abu Hakeem and Abu […]